Woven Kona Cotton Doll Skin Fabric

Woven Kona Cotton Doll Skin Fabric

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Our woven Kona cotton doll skin fabric is a non-stretchy, skin-toned fabric perfect for soft cloth doll making.

Doll Jersey by De Witte Engel, 100% Cotton Knit Doll Skin Handmade Doll Making, Including Waldorf Style, Sewing Fabric 1/2 or 1 Yard

Color swatch card with 2x2 swatches of woven cotton doll skin colors. Scone (not shown in picture) also included., Swatch cards ordered by

Woven Kona Cotton Doll Skin Fabric Swatch Card

Kona brand 100% cotton broadcloth, 45 wide. A nice, sturdy weight broadcloth for cloth dolls. Fabric is woven and does not stretch. 5 Colors

Kona Cotton Broadcloth in Doll Skin Colors - One Yard (Earth)

Need Doll Making Fabric? We have it Craft Velour, Deer Sued…

The Kona® cotton fabric pack includes quilting weight cottons in an array of doll making skin tone flesh nude ragdoll shades from pale peachs to warm

Kona® Cotton Fabric Pack

Kona Cotton Solid Colors by Robert Kaufman - 1 and 1/2 Yard - Doll Making Body and Skin Fabric - 100% cotton - Quality Woven Sewing Fabric

Smitten Cotton Kamrin's Poppenatelier

Beautiful Doll Making Fabric - Premium 100% Cotton with a Tight Weave and a Soft Feel. 3 Perfect Skin Colors Available! Sold by the Yard.

Covingtion Skintillate Jacquards Home Decor Fabric

Kona® Cotton Fabric Pack – Billow Fabrics

Fair Doll Skin 100% Cotton Round-knitted Jersey 1/2 Meter Doll Jersey Waldorf Doll Fabric Buff DS114 Doll Skin De Witte Engel

Skin Jersey & Cottons Kamrin's Poppenatelier

Woven Kona Cotton Doll Skin Fabric

Cloth Doll Making Fabric - Windsor Comfort, Dollskin, Craft Velour, Muslin, Cotton, Raw Silk

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