Steel Bench Block

Steel Bench Block

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Available in four different sizes, all blocks are 3/4" thick

Steel Bench Block – ToolUSA

Bench Block

Steel block, 2.5 x 2.5 x 3/4 inch, bench block, hand stamping, wire fo – Romazone

Steel Bench Block

Buy Solid Steel Metal Bench Block Wire Hardening and Wire Wrapping

Professional: This is scratch/dent resistant, is 4”x4”x0.5” & perfect for close, detailed stamping. Flat: This block allows you to lay out your

The Beadsmith Steel Bench Block - Flat Anvil Jewelers Tool - Solid Metal Bench Block for Jewelry and Stamping - Protect Your Work Surface - 4 x 4 x

Bench Block For Metal and Wire Work

This three piece set from Eurotool� is just what you need for your work bench! The set includes:1 Rubber Base.1 Solid Steel Block1 Sturdy Nylon Block The steel and nylon blocks fit into the rubber base and are interchangeable. The nylon block is perfect for lighter more delicate work. The rubber base is vulcanized firm and absorbs shock. This is a well made set, and allows one to hammer without creating excess noise and vibration at the bench.

Eurotool Bench Block Helper with Steel and Nylon Blocks

Steel Bench Block