Spetton Tuff Tape Blue

Spetton Tuff Tape Blue

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Content 1x Stormsure TUFF Tape Strip in a plastic bag on a blister card (1m long, 7.5cm wide) Description Stormsure TUFF Tape is a product range that contains a very strong, clear, self-adhesive, waterproof tape in various shapes and sizes. The product has a very similar make-up as Stormsure Adhesive and therefore shares many of the same characteristics such as flexibility and toughness. DIRECTIONS Ensure that the surface is clean before using.

SpectraTone Blue Mouthpiece

Tuff-Grip Pro Fish Tape, 240' X 1/8 X .060 Fish Tape, 0.060 In Thickness, 240 FT Length, 1/2 In Width, 1600 LB Tensile Strength, Formed Hook Tape

31057 - Tuff-Grip Pro Fish Tape, 240' X 1/8 X .060

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Compare prices for Tuff across all European stores


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