Oblique Nib Holder —

Oblique Nib Holder —

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Despite their strange appearance, the oblique pen is surprisingly simple to use, and can make writing italic lettering much more comfortable, and easier on the wrist. A practical tool for italic writing, they help keep the nib at the right angle to the paper. (When using a dip pen the nib should b

Annie Brougham | Artist and Illustrator

Buddy Blackwell Plastic Handle Oblique NibHolder

DIY: Make a Calligraphy Oblique Holder!

Genuine Speedball Oblique Nib Holder Pen (Calligraphy drawing dip writing brause

Manuscript Oblique Nib Holder

KABEER ART Dip Pen Oblique Calligraphy Pen Holder Set Of 1,Black : : Office Products

Speedball Oblique Nib Holder - Set of 6

calligraphy pen wood oblique nib holder

Demystifying the Oblique Penholder

Tom's Studio Flourish Curve Oblique Nib Holder – Meticulous Ink

Due to the handmade nature of this pen, the resin and gold flakes pattern will vary from pen to pen. The brass flange can fit most types of nibs by

Universal Nib Calligraphy Penholder *limited quantities*

Speedball Oblique Nib Holder