Floral Cage for Centerpieces and Vases 2pk

Floral Cage for Centerpieces and Vases 2pk

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This Floral Arranging Supplies item by Lifestylechannel has 24 favorites from shoppers. Ships from Canada. Listed on 17 Dec, 2023
Introducing the new creation from Holly Heider Chapple--"The Pillow." The 'pillow' follows the same principles as the 'egg,' resting on top of the vase rim, allowing stems to stay in place and stay hydrated without getting crushed. Because the mechanic rests on top of the container, stems can be inserted around the rim, appearing to spill gracefully over the vase's edge. Holly Chapple designed the pillow cages to rest inside or on top of a vessel without being taped. As you cross branches and stems through the pillow cage, opposite stems begin to counterbalance each other and stabilize the arrangement, making it easier for transportation and break-down after a wedding or event is over. The Pillow now allows you to create beautiful, free-flowing arrangements with ease and simplicity! Features: • 4" Wide - Pairs with any container with a 3"-4" opening • 6" Wide - Pairs with any container with a 5"-6" opening • 8" Wide - Pairs with any container with a 7"-8" opening • Designed to fit a variety of shapes and styles • Easily transferable from vase to vase • Plastic construction creates lightweight structure • Recyclable • Reusable • 2 Pack (for 2 containers) • Plastic • Made in USA

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