Earring Polishing Clothssunshine Polishing Clothsbrass

Earring Polishing Clothssunshine Polishing Clothsbrass

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Large 5 x 7 Sunshine Jewelry Polishing Cleaning Cloth – Crystal

Sunshine® Cloth - RioGrande

New and Improved! Soft, effective Sunshine® Cloths, with their special non-scratch micro-abrasives, clean jewelry brilliantly! At the bench, in your

Sunshine® Polishing Cloth 5 Pack

Sunshine Polishing Cloths are top quality brass, copper, gold, silver & hardwood cleansing cloths. These cloths have special chemical compounds for cleansing purposes and non-scratching micro-abrasives. Great for keeping jewelry and other brass, copper, gold, silver and hardwood items from tarnishing. These cloths even have the ability to remove minor surface scratches.

3 Sunshine Polishing Cloths for Sterling Silver, Gold, Brass and Copper Jewelry Polishing Cloth

Metals eventually tarnish when exposed to air (a natural reaction to sulfur in the air), leaving them tarnished over time. The soft yellow (or blue)

Sunshine Polishing Cloth

Always a jeweler's favorite, Sunshine polishing/cleaning cloths are embedded with mild cleansing agents and a non-scratch micro-abrasive that safely

Sunshine Polishing Cloth | Micro Abrasive Jewelry Cleaning Cloth

Jewelry Polishing Cloth – Contemporary Concepts Handcrafted Jewelry

Sunshine Cloth in a Tube

Polishing Cloth - Sunshine Polishing Cloth - TheBlissfulCo

Sunshine Polishing Cloth – BethCyr

Sunshine - Sunshine Polishing Cloths by

The Yellow Polishing Cloth - Bulk, Packaged, Tubes