Be Light Candle RE: Freedom- Scented Candle

Be Light Candle RE: Freedom- Scented Candle

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Experience a moment of true relaxation with our Freedom candle, as the harmonious blend of warm spices, rich cocoa-butter, coconut sweetness, and a hint of cinnamon fills the air with an inviting and soothing fragrance. Experience pure delight with this scented candle.
Warm spices, rich cocoa-butter, coconut sweetness and a touch of cinnamon combine to create a truly relaxing candle fragrance. -4oz: 25 Hour burn time-8oz: 55 Hour burn time-Made with 100% soy wax Through every purchase, we advance our mission: empowering women through jobs, supporting disadvantaged youth with scholarships, and ensuring food security for all. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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Mahogany and teakwood intertwine with warm cedarwood to create the perfect masculine scent scented candle. Our scented candles are crafted from 100% natural soy wax, ensuring an eco-friendly burn. Impactful Candle Purchase: Your impactful candle purchase goes beyond fragrance; it’s a catalyst for change. Each purchase directly supports scholarships for disadvantaged youth, contributes to job creation for women, and actively participates in securing food for those in need.

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