Baby Carriage – Hilliards Chocolates

Baby Carriage – Hilliards Chocolates

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Choose chocolate: Milk, Dark, White or some of each.Includes ribboning with your choice of color.To customize your order or arrange for store pick up please contact us to discuss options and details by phone:1-800-286-8533

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Chocolate Creams – Hilliards Chocolates

80% dark chocolate bars in a variety of indulgent flavors:Plain, Sea Salt Almond, Cranberry, Toasted Coconut, Cayenne Pepper

Extra Bold Dark Chocolate Bars

Smooth creamy Milk chocolate, pure rich Dark Chocolate or luscious White Chocolate. For the chocolate loving purist!

Plain Bark

Baby Carriage, Nursery Decor, Baby Shower Centerpiece, Vintage Baby Carriage Centerpiece, Ivory Wire Carriage, Baby Stroller, Baby Buggy

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You can't eat just one! Chocolate covered potato chips are a sweet, salty crunchy treat. Now that's a version of Irish Potatoes! .32 lb

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