4-Piece Relief-Carving Tool Set 1

4-Piece Relief-Carving Tool Set 1

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This set of four new carving tools is perfect for ceramic artists who want to add depth to their designs. By using the sides of each unique-shaped #desdes# Our 4-piece relief-carving tool set carves clay easier, shapes designs more precisely, & removes clay more efficiently. Shop our carving tools today!

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It provides the organized storage of popular Dremel accessories in a small, compact footprint. This accessory set offers a reusable storage case with clear lid and lift-out tray for easy organization of the included bits. The kit consists of engraving cutters, diamond wheel points, and silicon carbide grinding stones. Specially curated kit for all carving and engraving applications. Comes with re-useable storage case and 11 accessories.

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Want to add some unique ceramic carving tools to your collection? This carving tool set features some of the most unusual and fun tools we offer here

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