14KY Hexagon Bee charm

14KY Hexagon Bee charm

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14KY Hexagon Bee charm Item Weight Approximately 62 Grams Per 100 Pieces (Sold by Piece)

Sterling Silver Hexagon Charm with Bronze Bee 17x13mm - 1pc – Plazko

Queen Bee Necklace

A 14K gold honey bee pendant with a hexagon charm, a stunning tribute to these industrious creatures. It's an elegant and delicate Christmas gift for someone who cherishes bees or loves unique, nature-inspired jewelry.

14K Gold Honey Bee Necklace/ Hexagon Honey Bee Charm Necklace/Bee Jewelry/ Dainty Bee Charm Necklace/Christmas Gift Bee Lover Gift

Hexagon Bee Charm Necklace 14K Yellow Gold

In many religions, honeybees are commonly depicted as messengers for the spirits, and are closely associated with the sun. In ancient Egypt, they're the tears of the sun-god Ra. And, in yoga, where each chakra emits a different sound in meditation, the lowest chakra emits the hum of the honeybee.

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14K Hexagon Necklace

14KY Hexagon Bee charm

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